Thor 200ccm EVO - E-Starter + 28mm Vergaser

Thor 200ccm EVO - E-Starter + 28mm Vergaser

€ 3.990,00 Standardpreis
€ 3.590,00Sonderpreis
Mit Elektro Starter und 28mm Vergaser
Bestell Nr.: 928.000.031

The most important development refers to the carburation. Polini has been able to develop both the models together, one equipped with bowl carburetor and one with Walbro carburetor. And during this stage it has been clear that to finish the job it was necessary to follow two different ways:
- Thanks to the upgrade the models with bowl carb proved to be really performing with a constant power output at all rpm, contained temperatures and reduced consumptions. Furthermore it features a torque increase and a wider engine range. Now the engine reaches 8000-8200 rpm. It is recommended the use of a propeller with more pitch to better exploit the engine trust that the new Thor 200 EVO offers.
- To find the best Wabro carburetor setting the opening of the throttle valve has been limited: this allowed a torque increase and a smoother power output. The maximum engine range is 7400-7500 rpm and it is reached faster than with the previous Thor 200 model. It is not necessary to use a different propeller
  • Details

    THOR 200 EVO
    Polini Engine 2 stroke monocylinder
    Cooling Forced air
    Bore for stroke 64 x 60
    Displacement 193 cm3
    Power Walbro carb. 28 HP a 7400 RPM / Pwk carb.model 29 HP a 8000 RPM
    Cylinder Aluminum with Gilnisil coating
    Compression ratio 11,4:1
    Piston Two chromium plated rings mm 1
    Intake Reed valve in the crankcase
    Carburetor Polini Ø28 / Walbro WB37
    Air filter Air box
    Ignition Electronic and with battery charger possible
    Battery charger prearrangement Output power 80 W at 5500 RPM
    Spark plug hood 5k Ω resistance
    Fuel type Lead free petrol with 2% synthetic oil
    Gear reduction unit Helical teeth in oil bath with 2,8 reduction ratio
    Starting (Electric starter optional) Pull start with self winding cable FLASH STARTER
    Clutch Centrifugal in oil bath
    Muffler Expansion with oval silencer
    Engine weight 17,5 Kg (18,5 with electric starter)
    Propeller rotation Clockwise

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